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Christmas markets of false, Godzilla and beggars

December 12th, 2009 | Tagged , | 17 Comments | 1524 reads

In a desperate search for a touch of Christmas market is closed today for the Tokyo International Forum, because there is currently the Christmas market in Strasbourg Tokyo – the “Strasbourg Christmas market” – instead of. To my eavesdroppers, residing in the Tokyo area and desperately try, their children or themselves something like pre-Christmas mood to fool, to avoid a useless way, here are a few lines about it:

What it is: As. 10 small wooden shacks and a tiny children's carousel. To far too many people.
What is not there: Mulled wine, Christmas spirit, enough to eat.

Open letter to the organizers: Ever heard of supply and demand? Have you ever played with the idea, the whole two food stalls for a great Christmas market announced in the center of Tokyo, under certain circumstances, could not quite enough? No? One indication of this could about each. 100 m-long lines of people to be, the desperate, to take something to eat…

After a subsequent walk in the nearby Hibiya I have found again a: I do not know Tokyo. Probably know pretty much all day visitors to the city due to previous reading of guidebooks and other sources, that in Tokyo there is a Godzilla statue. I did not until now each:

Well 50 Years old and still in top shape – Godzilla

The entire course is only a matter of perspective: The truth is that Godzilla is more – as they say – “cute”: The gorilla was built in the Wal-mutants so here is a monument, is a slight exaggeration, But it's a beautiful monument.

Godzilla in Hibiya-Denkmal

Next door at Hibiya Park, there were still a novelty: I was the first they beg for money in Japan. In Germany and elsewhere, the, at least in some towns and neighborhoods, normal, But in Japan, I have experienced over the years have never (and frankly not expected). Almost one year ago there were in Hibiya Park, a temporary tent city contract workers dismissed en masse, but as it looks, are a few of the people there remained. In this matter I am stubborn but still propagated: Although I donate regularly to organizations (z.Z. “Doctors Without Borders”), but not for individuals. What would interest me in retrospect, however, is the answer to the question, whether said man (I guess times at an age at which 50) me “be cut” has, because I am a foreigner, or if he asks his countrymen. Although “ask” is formulated not quite fit: He took it straight to the point: “Ne~ene~e, Chodai money!” – The da, Give me the money.

The Word of the Day: Begging – monogoi. – “ask for things”. Beggar, betteln.


17 Responses to “Christmas markets of false, Godzilla and beggars”

  • Juergen says:

    I was begging in Tokyo at the station, even if I only 3 Was weeks in Japan. I took no notes, only coins ^^

  • Juergen says:

    The same problem with the Christmas markets I've heard of the way the United States a few days ago. Since translucent Worldwide yet to be potential.

  • Max says:

    Since I need to provide the following link times just:

    Apparently the German / European Christmas market abroad great potential.
    That there is nothing clever in a mega-metropolis like Tokyo surprised me but then.

  • fritz says:

    *godzilla musik summ *

    ditditdö ditditdö…

    I like the monster.

  • Heydal says:

    Spare me with a Christmas markets. War on Wednesday evening at the Basel Christmas market and what do I see a booth with Thuringian sausages. Hmm something new I think to myself and try one of those things. Delicious and of considerable size.
    The epilogue then took place in my bathroom. Me and my toilet, und jede Menge Charmin Comfort ),D in a for a very short, the other hand, never-ending night.

    ANd my personal conclusion from this. Christmas mood is more often found on the own toiletries as on a Christmas market.

  • BigAl says:

    I only say as Nuremberg: at home it is not worth. Cold, according to, expensive, uncomfortable, boring,… Well and busloads of Japanese, but I'm also here :D

  • Michael says:


    TMI ;)
    But I hope you've “great” recovered. (The Pun understand only people from my region ;) I think)

    What do you think it was? Madige Bratwurst, too much fat or all at once?

  • gojira says:

    Photos of this statue I knew, but did not know where she stands (can you describe it a little just?).
    A larger Godzilla statue stands in front of the Toho Studios, ungefähr “mannshoch”, So also viiiiiiiiiel too small ;)

  • Heydal says:

    @ Michael

    I can not really say, would probably bite objective comparison again in a Thuringian. But must keep since first language back again with my stomach. One thing is clear, consumption would by me so stay away from my timed complained the next day my employer, I take my lost day ),D

  • John says:

    I have been begging even after only one and a half weeks already at Tokyo Station. And the Lord also looked really scary and is totally focused on me, because I just looked up something in the guide. Also has something of “Kane” gefaselt. Time was also totally surprised, to experience something like that in Japan.

  • Coolio says:

    Already, these gentlemen beggars are targeting exclusively to foreigners. After I was begging last year pretty pushy in Shibuya, I got me the whole thing from a distance viewed and behold: The guy chatted specifically only Gaijin in. And as he thought, that this eh not understand him, He then brought the whole relatively unfriendly to the language. More surprised he was by my peer response in Japanese, I will not repeat here……
    I see this all rather loose: In 4 Years only once begged and in a megacity. For each shopping trip in “Village” Dortmund I have been begging several times…..

  • Lori says:

    Yop I have experienced in Shibuya sometimes … could well imagine, which has since seen a small handful of people, that begging in the west is normal and the tourists are generally more generous …

    Und @ Tabibito: I'm going for the first time this year all the German Christmas Market in Roppongi. I do not expect much … but look at least once :)

  • Wilchelm says:

    Well, sometimes that happens even at the Christmas markets…I'm going this year just not to. Thank you.

  • Michael says:

    en. LAG is begging in Japan “usual” wobei ev. since a difference in the feel of the intensity is ;)

    Have been addressed in Dortmund times with the classics “Haste mal ne Mark?”
    My answer “Sorry bin Student” was with “Oh 'sorry! Forget I asked” answered, which in turn made me suspicious.
    Since no irony was inside or so has probably meant really serious… :D

  • Michael says:

    Christmas market in Umeda is quite good the last few years.
    For this, I hate Christmas markets like the plague.

  • Sushifrank says:

    I was before 3 Weeks in Japan and of course Tokyo. I knew before that there is the Godzilla Statue (I then found through Google Street View). Have noted the exact location and then I went from Ginza (Metro Station Ginza) Direction Sony building and under the bridge and then turned left and there was Godzilla also see the same. Have of course photos taken.

  • Walzus says:

    The Godzilla statue is super, Honor, Who gebürt honor! The beggars heard verbally kicked in the ass, of course the vernacular. So do ich's at least. War bisher 3 x to Fall, in 5 Years, So to get over problems. In D, these brothers are more numerous and troublesome!