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Until no grass grows there

November 28th, 2008 | 11 Comments | 713 reads

Now begin the authorities in Japan, To make pressure: More recently, there were increasing cases of drug abuse in Japan – for example in the case of Russian sumo wrestler A few months ago. Many students therefore already served by their universities. Drug abuse in this case means smoking pot. And grass is yes, according to law in Japan and in the minds of people on a par with heroin, Cocaine and who knows what else so there.
If it were not for a loophole – the sale of cannabis seeds is not prohibited. There are even instructions for use by traders to, like the stuff grows best. It's the politicians now an eyesore – Government authorities call for self-control on Internet Provider, so those pages disappear from the network. Of course, is potentially very effective – The idea, the abbreviation in the WWW, the two words “World Wide” be, seems to be alien. Well. Something must be done even against the rampant bad habit of smoking grass.

Well, Binge drinking, in the year a few students do not experience the next semester, because they are coerced by their peers to drink incredible amounts, remains legally.

Writes the way, no smoking grass and loves a good beer. Is not a reason, the thing is not to be considered too sober.

The Word of the Day: Marijuana – taima – “gross” and “Hemp”. The Hanzpflanze. At the same time, the official term for grass, Hashish, Pot, Suits… and what else, no matter how it is for concepts.


Soziopathenparadies Japan

November 26th, 2008 | 12 Comments | 684 reads

Every society produces its sociopaths – a more, the other less. This year there was again a very notable case, of the press last week in suspense.

In the past week, an elderly couple murdered quite brutally with a knife, Shortly afterwards an elderly woman attacked with a knife (she survived). The crime scenes were close. The perpetrator surprised the victims in each home – He was disguised as a parcel carrier. Fled on foot every time first. And: The murdered man and the husband of the woman attacked were both formerly Deputy Minister of Health- and Department of Labor. Eine merkwürdige Parallel.

Of course, you guessed, that the same perpetrators behind it. And finally turned over the weekend – a 46-year-old, the others were probably already noticed some unpleasant. His motive: As a child he once had a dog brought home, not what his father did – carried the dog to the authorities, him then einschläferten. That was,de 1974. And now, Koizumi sought after people, where he could take revenge.

The macabre of the story is, however,, that the Ministry of Social Affairs had nothing to do with it – Although it is the health department, assume that such cases, But ultimately, the environment ministry cares. But where should the perpetrators know that…

Die Japan Times (26. Nov 2008, S. 2) published in this connection a few figures, to which one would otherwise get little. And the figures I have if the order reasonably shocked: According Umweltministerum were alone 2006 as, 420,000 Dogs and cats brought to the Health Department. 95% the animals were euthanized (whatever one does in Japan) – volunteered no owner, was made short shrift. In cats, it looks very bad from: Only 1% survived the transition to the authority.

This is proof once again of Japan's simple understanding of animals – which can in principle only two strategies to:

______________      ____     _______    _______
|Edible animal?|------|and|-----|chase|----|eat|
|____________|  |   |__|     |_____|    |_____|
                |_________________________   _______
                    |____|   |___________|   |_____|

It's simple really. By the way – owners bring their animals to the health department, because they think they no longer can or want, The animals are usually euthanized within a day.
Well. The word of the day could be shelter, But unfortunately there is no common word for it here.

The Word of the Day: Culling satsu shobun. Satsu does kill, shobun means “get rid of” (but also “enforce”). Lull in German, Cologne.


Never again

November 24th, 2008 | 9 Comments | 598 reads

This weekend was another long weekend – It was bursting with it this year – because Monday was public holiday. What a holiday? “Day of thanks for work”. Hah. And the day with kin must of course.

Also, long weekend, beautiful fall weather – at least on Sunday – and what you're doing the best? Departing. After Kamakura, the ancient capital, conveniently only 1 hours from Tokyo by train. I had already determined 5 times there, but not in the last 10 Years. The train was quite full, when we boarded in Tokyo. “Most take only intended to Kawasaki or Yokohama”, I thought. After “naja, or to Ofuna, who knows”. Nix. The most traveled to Kamakura. Even before entering the station warned the train before, that it was quite turbulent in the station.

Daibutsu von Kamakura

That was an understatement. It was a par with Tokyo – the train station in Tokyo, in the everyday 4 Million people change – for rush hour. Actually we wanted to change to a small car and drive, but this was ruled out – piled on the platform, people. The use of the station toilets was the lack of a sleeping bag and hopeless.
So run. As tens of thousands of others. On the map you need look no – We followed the ants. The cars were bunched up around the city.

On the main attraction, dem Daibutsu, were formed endless lines of people, that the Buddha wanted to crawl in the butt (to look out from the back). In the rabbit it was like Temple in Don Quixote (Essential japan Woolworth Variant) the liquidation sale. We passed a cop and an old woman, the talking. The old woman complained: “As bad as it was not long. One dares not as residents on the street”.

Eventually we were made to the station and wanted to catch somewhere – Child was hungry, Mom was exhausted and panting for dad coffee. After waiting half an hour we had a place. “Why are the employees in spite of the high operation so extremely friendly?” I asked myself, no matter how, until I saw the bill: I would for two pieces of cake, two coffees and a glass of milk 3,600 Yen (30 Euro) demand, I would be very, very friendly. I might even smile.
Thank God we had not returned, but went to sleep in the other direction to – nach Yokosuka. Thank God. Never again on a mild autumn day in Kamakura!

The Word of the Day: Three holiday sanrenkyū – three following holiday. Long weekend. Considered by many public holidays in Japan: If they fall on a weekend, is the following Monday off. In September, there were the two times, In October and November once again twice. Legal practice. Actually.


Shining examples

November 20th, 2008 | 1 Kommentar | 507 reads

On Monday of this week there was a minor rear-end collision in Ibaraki, was in the cause of the accident obviously quite drunk (and tried, to flee). Schönes Detail: The police, the recordings of the accident, were dealing with a colleague. A 53-year-old boss near the top of the hierarchy. He was charged with, to lead a campaign against drinking and driving in the capital. Since you have made but really asking for trouble – I wonder, what was going on inside the man, when he was assigned to the campaign. By the way, he can not even remember the accident at.
Since a serious accident last year in Fukuoka, the population is very sensitive when it comes to drinking and driving: If the accident had a drunken truck driver pushed a car off the bridge – The couple in the car survived but, but not the three very small children in the car.

The Word of the Day: The wine 酔 the い transport 転 – sakeyoi unten – “Alcohol drunk-driving-”. Occasionally one also sees the American abbreviation DUI (Ddemolition Under the Influence of alcohol) in local news.


Economics and wine

November 18th, 2008 | 2 Comments | 552 reads

So, Now it is officially here: Japan mired in recession – assert that to, must indeed be in the economic growth for two consecutive quarters of negative. And that is what is now safe. But since it looks so different in Europe, not from.
What does this have to do with wine. Now, in Japan every year millions and millions are waiting on the first sale of “Beaujolais Nouveau” aka “Beaujolais Primeur” – one of the few wines, in the year of its manufacture to be drunk – how the child for Santa Claus. The sale starts traditionally in the third week of November – tomorrow it's that time again, and like every year organize a big roar Marketingfuzzis. But ah, This year went by the wholesalers only for orders 6,48 Million bottles (à 750 ml) a. A decrease of 20% compared to last year.
However, this is still a considerable amount – that means at least, that each 20. Japan buys a bottle. Statistically, at least. Anyway, I'm not one of the 6,48 Million – why I for one I think but relatively tasteless red wine 2 to 3’000 Yen to spend my lights not Weinbanausem.

The Word of the Day: Lifting of the ban all – “pick up, solve – Ban”. One of the favorite words of marketing strategists in Japan – denotes the moment, is released in which a product on the lambs. Mäh.


Purchased Seer, Stroke of luck for all earthquakes and Bares II

November 13th, 2008 | 8 Comments | 892 reads

Today, times two witticism and an update:

Aso, The current prime minister, came from an old political dynasty and is, casually told, stinking rich. What some people accuse him of course. Therefore, he immediately drops by spasmodic proximity to. He reported recently by “Hokke no nitsuke” in Parliament, it in cheap izakaya (trad. Bars Restaurants) claims to have seen in Tokyo. “Hokke” is a very cheap mackerel (in German “Atkamakrele” – because there is not once a Wikipedia article about it), simple in Japanese cuisine is often used. “nitsuke” means cooked in soy sauce. Small problem: Hokke were grilled in Tokyo, cousin bought. Pretty much without exception. This was immediately Aurutscher of Pro-(rare) Anti-und(frequently)Aso groups most extensively on 2channel, Japan grösstem BBS, discussed – see e.g.. here. Another says, Japanese are always vielbschäftigt…


The chief governor of Hyōgo Prefecture realized this week, that “a major earthquake in the Kanto region” (rund um Tokyo) a real “Chance” for the Kansai region (um circular Osaka) would be – economically. The most recent major quake had 1923 as. 140,000 Human life cost.
Of course, broke loose a storm of protest (the good of man, Toshizo Ido, could not understand). He should also know better: Kobe is in his district and was 1995 devastated – mit ca. 5,000 Dead.


An update to the previous “Bares für alle”-Contribution. Yesterday, the Coalition Government's plan actually nod, to give every Japanese cash. Aso was asked out by a foreign reporter, whether that would also apply to working and living in Japan, foreigners. Reply repartee “Oh, about it, I have not thought”. Der Plan also: Adults between 18 and 65 Years to 12,000 JPY get; all others 8,000. The opposition speaks of “official corruption (People of the voters)” and economists predict, that the effect will be zero: The same was 1999 made and nothing happened.

The Word of the Day: Person of leisure himajin – Leisure (or. Boredom) – Man. People, have too much boredom. Like thousands of more or less wrong, which because of 2 Channel beharken. According to research, most of which female (was man, if you read the expressions used motor, hardly can believe).


Bares All für!

November 11th, 2008 | 11 Comments | 718 reads

In Japan you wonder in the face of the recession underway, For example, how to boost domestic demand. An idea, Long time in space is (and what, If I remember correctly, was also made ever) is giving away cash to all. Without exception, all, because it would the stagger by income, would have to perform again until a census etc.

Well known figures were first: When it comes to the current government, would a family of four in late March by the state about. 60,000 Yen received. These are things now stand slightly below 500 Euro. Because as I said it does not want to stagger income, Therefore, it was already a first call to politicians, high-income families should hold back. This is quite cleverly: A public opinion poll carried out several years ago showed that is, that about 90% the Japanese (I may be wrong about a few percents) even among the middle class. In addition, a certain pride, then for the case of very many Japanese, in fact, thought “So WE are not dependent on the charity” could lead.

Indeed – hold, according to a recent survey 58.1% of respondents unaware of the idea of ​​the cash distribution – only 31.4% are sure. The whole way around the state would. 2 Yen Billionen, also ca. 16 Cost billions of €. And the government loses a no-brainer in popularity in this country because of their previous crisis management. And I think the idea is still better than the proposal in Germany, to have the road tax for new cars account for – clearly suffering from car manufacturers, but who can afford a new car, is so comparatively still relatively well.

50.3% Incidentally, the respondents also, that money, it should be distributed, to use for everyday expenses – only 27.2% it would take to the bank. I would be interested in some, which is the same proposal would result in Germany – certainly more popular and a much higher rate savers.

60,000 Yen. Pfff… so I can not even once buy 'NEN ordinary plasma screen television…

The Word of the Day: Income Payments – teigaku kyūfukin – Fixed amount – donate – Money. In German “Consumption voucher”. The name of this “Donation to Citizens”.


Wind of Change

November 6th, 2008 | 1 Kommentar | 513 reads

What do a small town on the west coast of Japan, many Americans, and almost all Kenyans together? Exactly, they are happy about the Obama victory on 4. November. The former, because their city is called as: Obama (Obama, “Small harbor”).

In Japan, politicians are now looking forward, behaves like Obama foreign policy. This is measured in the case of Japan this year but at a delicate matter: The elucidation of the fate of the 1970s by North Korea since the abducted Japanese. For whose cause the members of drums loudly for years in Japan, and because the matter has become so popular, Politicians in this country to measure it, how much they are committed to their cause. This includes foreign-policy measures.

Although agreed in the 6-person talks with North Korea, Japan has canceled all aid deliveries because of the deportees and protested strongly against the decision of the United States, North Korea from the “Rogue state list” to take. Known to no avail.

It may be doubted, Obama will find a simple solution to the balancing act between North Korea and the calming reassurance of Japan: A Japanese politician dawned on the most recently, when he stated, that “the cause of the abducted Japanese probably not high on the priority list of Americans”. One thing really selbstredende, because what is important: A nuclear weapon-wielding, unpredictable “Communist” Monarch, has nothing to lose (he is still alive) or ten Japanese, after 30 Years will be repatriated from North Korea (they are still alive).

By the way, were also two Japanese abducted to North Korea by Obama. Oh, what a beautiful word game!

The Word of the Day: Diplomatic – gaikō – outside, run. The foreign policy.


Tired of marching? Write 'nen article!

November 4th, 2008 | 7 Comments | 787 reads

The thought is probably the supreme commander of the Japanese air forces, when he participated in an essay competition Apa Hotel Group participated. Theme of the competition: “Modern historical view of the true (True modern conception of history)”. Not bad for a hotel group, on its website on Korean and Chinese woos customers.
4-Star general Tamogami won the competition and thus 3 Million yen, just with a fiery nationalist essay. One of the key messages of the article:

It is an aggressor nation that our country is accused
(wagakuni Shinryaku ga to iu no wa kokka da nureginu)
“The claim, that our nation is a nation attack (was) is a false accusation”.

Also stated that the General, that without the Second World War today is not as harmonious coexistence (hüstel) would enter the race – without the war Japan had yet 100 to 200 Years used previously. Aha. Konklusio: The view, that Japan was an attack power, is simply wrong.

Long did not last the joy – no 72 Hours after publication of the essay, he was already a civilian, because the Defense Department was, that his opinion is not tenable with the official line is.

At the 3. November, the day of his kicking, the ex-general was also a press conference, in which he emphasized, none of the, what he had written, intend to withdraw. And he was surprised and saddened by the reaction.
Well, a bit more foresight would have credited a 4-star general but already…

The Word of the Day: Inappropriate futekisetsu – un-reasonable. The Ministry evaluated in a public statement, the statements. China has warmly welcomed.


Welcome home!

November 2nd, 2008 | 11 Comments | 874 reads

But where's my damn apartment!? Is that my block? Returnees have just drunk but actually go on a regular basis, especially in Japan these questions through your head…

Wohnblock in Tokyo
[Photo: Brand new block of flats on the island Kachidoki (literally: Cry of victory) in the center of Tokyo]

The Word of the Day: Welcome back (please) okaeri(nasai) – “Welcome home” – one says to the, the home / returns to the office. Always.