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Lively (?) in Japan

October 31st, 2008 | 6 Comments | 790 reads

Today we have together with a large booth marketing “Lively” thrown from Google on the Japanese market. Individuals could already play around with it, But it has not yet adopted a firm date. Was ist Lively? A 3-D Chat, a bit like Second Life, but easier, clear and usable in the browser – Plugin and register with Google or Gmail account and go. Disadvantage: Runs only on Windows XP / Vista (IE and Firefox) und Computer, the äter than three years old, You can forget the same – eating properly render the entire memory.

It will be interesting, like which will start in Japan. Although this technique is very enthusiastic, but as far as the presentation of oneself on the Internet, most are very, very shy. Website create by themselves? In Europe and America as normal, here is absolutely unusual. Maybe even pictures of themselves on the internet? For God's sake. MySpace is already one of Japan “INTRODUCE yourself on the Internet”-Campaign rebuffed mercilessly.
For completeness, even a Lively room, I'm in 20 Minutes was set up:

The Word of the Day: Virtual world – Kaso Sekai – virtual-world.