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Signs till you drop

October 19th, 2008 | 4 Comments | 607 reads

If tens of millions of people live together in confined spaces, this requires a certain number of laws and regulations, so that the interpersonal relationships with the non-goes wrong and yes even love them all.
To proclaim laws and rules, uses one or two media, like in Japan. Paths: Activism and … Signs. In both cases there are no limits to creativity. Today I have, right near my apartment, beautiful plates found, who allowed me to scratch the head spontaneously.

Schilder ohne Ende

The yellow sign is obviously quite a few years old and stated the following: “MODEL FOR THE DISTRICT FUNDING MODEL DOGS FAULTY POSTURE”. Goodness, how many smart people have here pondering how many hours of meetings, until they have come up with this nonsense!? What kind of effect expected to result in them? And why are in this district model at every turn dog poop!?

The sign below shows the way out yet, that the bulk of his favorite **** to take home, to let the dog roam free and not – very important – then one no longer sees the attitude of the beast has grown, The same is not to expose.

The most people here take the dog dirt again with, But of course, many act along the lines of the Word of the Day: Shiranpuri left behind – okizari shiranpuri – leave and pretend, as you know nothing about.

A blogger colleague – unfortunately I've forgotten, who – once said, that aliens, to watch us, only come to one logical conclusion can: Dogs are the real rulers and the people there only to pieces, collect them after the Sch ****. He was right.