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Mecca für Omas – Sugamo,ja

October 12th, 2008 | 6 Comments | 643 reads

Harajuku is known outside Japan as a trendy neighborhood, meeting in which young people and show, what in the next few years in Japan or. sometimes even in the world will be. You see many people dressed in extravagant, unzählige Boutiquen usw. So how does one be before a district, the “Harajuku für Omas” (Grandma's Harajuku) called?

Sugamo - Mekka für Omas
Sugamo,ja – Mecca für Omas

It's simple: A long shopping street full of shops with all, 70 years of desiring what Sun. Support stockings on dried snakes (Medicine), traditional foods and hats of any kind. These thousands and thousands of old people, According to no less than the most 50 Years apart, people in Harajuku. Many here also with dyed hair, where in Sugamo clearly dominated purple.

Sugamo,ja (Sugamo) located on the northern tip of the Yamanote loop line in Bunkyo-district and after the war was the Mecca of the radio – Amateur radio operators were all here, what they needed. There is a temple in Sugamo, of the so-called とげ ぬ き 地蔵 (Togenuki-Jizo, literally “Mandrel pull-Buddha”) home – a small Buddha statue, the healing power: If you wash with water poured over the statue and afterwards with a cloth, relief should be close.

Now, I was told, one should rub the spot, woe's in the doing. Of course, the temple of old people is very popular, and so are many, to wash the statue. I noticed immediately but, that most people do not wash a job, but most of the statue. I had my wife out, and they acknowledged the dry with “determines which does hurt all”. Well. I would imagine, but also, that prostate patients would definitely inhibitions, herumzurubbeln front of all these grannies only in one place.

Sugamo - der wundervolle, heilende Buddha
The world cleanest statue: The Buddha of Sugamo

That temple is expected to contribute to the explanation, Sugamo is why so popular. Well – Sugamo incidentally also home to the only McDonalds, in which it “Silver Seats” are, So seats, Seniors are specifically reserved. Another says, Japan's elderly are not on the ball.
Sugamo is otherwise known for two other specialties: Shiodaifuku – a sweetness sprinkled with salt (Bean in sticky rice) and – Red bread – “aka pan” – I translate sometimes quite openly with “red sockets”.

Sugamo - Dauerrenner rote Unterhosen
Sugamo,ja – Longsellers red underpants

Red underpants are well reputed, to give the wearer strength and health. Therefore, they are in Sugamo time bestseller.
Last but not one of the category “You know, that you have lived too long in Japan, when…”

“… you do to your 65. Birthday blast times can be properly and go shopping in Sugamo”.

Seen today – an elderly foreigner, has browsed all excited at the things.

The Word of the Day: High age range of is needed is – high propensity for-age. The aging (the company). Will ensure, Sugamo that is not as fast going out of fashion.