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Liberal Democrats win hands down | Lousy turnout

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In the morning I still had some hope: On Twitter and other social media was a lot going in terms of elections, and when I drove past on the way to the bakery at a polling station, I saw a long queue of voters and a lot more people, who were on their way to the polling station. Could this choice might still harbor a surprise?

She could not. The result was exactly the same way predictable. The turnout is a disgrace to democracy: Just 52,6% Citizens were select (at there is a nice overview of, how much was the turnout in each prefecture) – which is more than 6% less than in the parliamentary elections 2012 (and the voter turnout in that election was already the worst since 2. World war!). 475 Seats were awarded to – at this stage (1 Clock in the morning) are only 9 Not counted seats. The ruling Liberal Democrats come up with their junior partners, the Komeito, the extent to 319 Seats (before the election, there were 325), the strongest opposition party – before 2012 ruling Democrats – come therefore to whole 71 Seats. They are at least 9 more than before the election. The Communists come to 20 (before 8 Seats), and the The next generation of party – The Party for Future Generations of the former governor of Tokyo, Ishihara, and Hashimoto, Governor of Osaka, was punished: Previously, she had 19 Seats, now only 2. In other words – the government coalition confirmed its whopping two-thirds majority.

Abe must therefore continue to be observed here, as he doctored in the economy and the Japanese Constitution. And he can feel vindicated by the result. Even if there is to think him hopefully, that just half of the population seems to care about any of this.

In this sense, one can quite confidently choice with 4 Describe words: Been nothing but expenses.

The current results – with graphics – you can see in NHK.


Select Wen – and why (if you are only likely to)?

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Was ist ernst und was nicht? Abe: Zum Wirtschaftsaufschwung hilft nur mein Weg!

What is serious and what is not? Abe: To economic recovery only helps my way!

Inside, I'm still upset about the Abe suddenly summoned elections (see here and here), so I do not really like to write about it. In memory: At the 18. November Abe was officially certified, that he runs the already bursting with power not just economic with his policy straight against the wall. The next day he dissolved the lower house and called new elections. They should only at the 21. Take place in December, but you had even piece: At the 14. December has come. Abe wants to be confirmed by the elections in his course. At a time, is far and wide no opposition in sight. A completely ridiculous, So wasteful action.

I found interesting in this context, however, a conversation with the local landlords. Gutsherr? In our neighborhood, a very nice man lives, which once belonged to our property. To part with it was not a big problem, because the good man heard here half the area. And every third family in the area bears his family name. It is a veritable communities. The other day he was standing with a young coot at our door (Unfortunately, I was not there, but my wife) and said, “This is Mr. * @ > #& by the Liberal Democrats. That one is quite useless for nothing, but maybe you can find him anyway on Sunday select!”. So the squire said,. Of course, this is not the case, because we do not like the Liberal Democrats.

Abe: In diesem Land gibt es keine Butter. (Anm. d. Red.: Stimmt.)

Abe: In this country there is no butter. (ANM. d. Red.: Right.)

A little later, my wife was talking to Squire's wife. A very funny, nice woman mind. And she said on the subject: “So with the types of the Liberal Democrats, I can do nothing. And the old type of the Democrats is also good for nothing. I will return the Komeito select. Than last winter so terribly much snow fell, I first called the city, therefore vacate the. And then, the Liberal Democrats and the Democrats. Nothing happened. But no sooner I called the representative of the KÅ Meita, came an agency authorized by him and räumte the snow. And the new hospital has built the Kōmeitō”.

If we translate the text into German times: “When the streets were full of snow, I have only the city, then called the CDU and the SPD. Nothing happened. But when I called the FDP, came immediately FDP-affiliated company and has cleared the snow. Well, the new hospital was built by the FDP”.

Sounds kind of crazy? Not at all! This is perfectly normal! Here at least. I really do not, whether to be happy or sad, I can not vote here. The only campaigner here, me, even though I am a foreigner, Press campaign list in the hands, the Communists…


Looking for THE Christmas Market

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Weihnachtsmarkt in Yokohama

Christmas Market in Yokohama

Kids love Christmas markets. I know that pretty much, because I myself was once a child. Even though it's been a while. My children, I will not deny that joy. But where only, if you're in Japan? Once we were on a Strasbourg Christmas market in the Kokusai Forum in Yurakucho / near Tokyo Station. Could forgotten. Another time we were at the Christmas Market in Roppongi Hills. That was just sad. At other times, (more precisely in the last year) took us to the Christmas market in the Cross Church – a German, Protestant Church in Shinagawa. And lo and behold, it was actually a bit of a Christmas market, and of course you heard a lot of German.

This year we have not make it to the Cross Church, there came to us only the weather and then the family in the way. That is why today the Christmas Market in Center North (Center-We, Tsuzuki-in, Yokohama) getapert. The time was completely different: There were about 10 real Weihnachtsmarkthütten, hardly commerce – and hardly any people! This may have been due to the weather, because for Tokyo standards it was pretty cool. And there was a children's choir. The course necessarily the theme song of Frozen (Anna and the Snow Queen – in German means the strip well “The Ice Queen - Fully unabashedly”) had to sing. Against this song in Japan there is really no escape. No wonder: The film was here 11 Weeks at number 1, and I have never seen a child, not light his eyes, when they hear the song.

We had only eaten a good hour before we arrived Ramen, and so my offer was to the children, to buy them a piece of German cake or something else sweet, knocked out. Not, because they were tired of about. But because they were eager to eat sausage. The parents were satisfied with a mulled wine, but it was quite disappointing: Half a paper cup full, cast carelessly directly from the bottle, for 700 Yen (good 5 Euro). Of course, we only then noticed, that there was a booth, was sold in the real mulled wine.

What is missing, of course at a Christmas market in Tokyo and surrounding areas, are the sub-zero temperatures. But no matter – the kids liked it, and this is the main. Let's see, where to go next year.


Solar energy in Japan – is it worth it?

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Privates Mini-Solarkraftwerk in Kawasaki

Private mini solar power plant in Kawasaki

The scam is always the same in Japan: Will be located only in the distant radius something somewhere, is a friendly representative of the construction company on bell in the neighborhood, apologizes for the inconvenience sometimes associated with the construction and leaves on the occasion advertising his business card and a pamphlet. In yesterday's case, it was a representative of Honda, and will next Sunday (!) from 9 Clock in the morning (!!) stick our neighbors solar panels on its roof.

It is a real arms race has broken out between the homeowners around us: Who can build how many solar panels on its roof? But this is worth it at all? After you pay for 10 each round 2 m² large panels a total of about 8’000 Euro, for 20 then accordingly over 15’000 Euro. Most take for a loan and then pay, in the latter case, around your 150 Euro pro Monat – want to be called, ultimately, the plant after more than 10 Paid off years.

The state supports the homeowner, but it all depends on the prefectural government. In Kanagawa Prefecture, for example, the municipality buys the solar system owners their excess electricity from: Since there is then some 120 Euro pro Kilowatt Peak (15,000 yen, to be exact), wherein the upper limit 50,000 yen liegt¹. At 20 Panels to get well on average 1.6 KWp per month – So you get around 25,000 yen for its current. And pays ca. 10,000 yen in electricity costs per month (for a family of 4). Added to this round 20,000 yen, to pay off the investment.

It is therefore ¥10,000 + ¥20,000 – ¥25,000 yen. You pay so ¥5,000 yen it. Per month. For the next 10 Years. However, that's not a good deal, especially the solar panels the renewal of the roof (or, if it should burn times, extinguishing the fire) greatly complicate. The crucial question would be, what would happen in the event of a major earthquake: Can you thanks to such a facility will provide completely self? Put another way, you can almost Disconnect from the mains and become self-sufficient? To some extent, the installations are supposed to contain energy storage, but the capacity will probably be very limited.

Rumor support electric utility TEPCO (we remember – the only energy supplier of Tokyo and someone, who has done everything wrong in Fukushima, what you can do wrong) probably the municipalities financially, but so light, it can not verify the. If this were really the case, would be the times but is a welcome decision. The future of energy, gerade in Japan, Although may not necessarily be in the solar energy, but it is my opinion, but at least in the decentralization of energy.

We will probably watch all the fun for half a year and then decide, whether it is worth, To purchase solar panels. The idea, to produce more energy than to consume is all too tempting, even if one considers, solar panels that use a lot of energy to manufacture – a better solar cell must be one and a half years in operation, to recover the energy, which was used, to prepare them².

¹ On This Page You can read, which prefecture how promotes solar energy.
²See for example here.


Political Satire… and her quick end

November 27th, 2014 | 7 Comments | 1888 reads

Brief des angeblich 10-jährigen

Letter from the alleged 10-year-old

In the last article about the dissolution of Parliament and not just encouraging economic policy of Japan threw a commentator – cope – a, whether there was was no positive news from Japan. This is understandable, and time, to question the Blog author, if you would like to pick it really only negative news. To counter this trend, Therefore today given occasion is good news – namely the, that there is such a thing as successful in Japan, can give effective political satire. Although without a happy ending, but still.

And it happened: Many Japanese have after the decision Abes, dissolve the lower house and prematurely organize fresh elections, in demand, what's all this actually – Finally, Abe has the power in the House, and it is clear to everyone, that the opposition parties are not simply in the right frame of mind. Then suddenly popped the website (Kaisa = Parlamentsauflösung) on, operated by a 10-year-old boy named Nakamura, presented the very naïve questions like:

Of (Abe) hast said,, that you will multiply with the thing called Abenomics the money in the country, but my pocket money is no longer. And mom and dad always worry about the money and we can not yakiniku (grilled meat on Korean Style) eating out. And you simply decide so, To hold elections, the 70 Yen Billionen (half a billion euros) cost. Sag mal, Whose money is it really?

Last but not least, adopted with reference to the exactly one year ago Law for the protection of classified information He still writes:

So why do you solve the Parliament? Or is it about a secret?

The whole was beautifully written in a child writing. And got a lot of encouragement from the media and Internet users. According Counter on the website were counted on 28 Million hits. But now the creator of the page came the bull by the horns: There is a certain Aoki Yamato – a 20-year-old student of the renowned Keio University Keiō-Universität and chairman of an NPO called Our first step will change Japan. – “Our a step change Japan”. He chose the story of 10-year-old student, In order to receive more attention. On the web page mentioned above you place this year an opinion of Yamato, in which he apologizes, to have lied, and his resignation from the top of the organization announced.

Prime Minister Abe attacked the students today, meanwhile sharply, called the action on his Facebook page Meanness (hiretsu) basely Aoki and accused the Meinunsgmanipulation. Interestingly, Abe reblogged However, a few hours before his seemingly Facebook-Account deleted and added a defused criticism instead. But what is interesting choice of words Abe in his original comment. If his ministers abuse donations or right-wing groups run through the streets and chanting, that we should kill all Koreans, he considers it once and for all “unfortunate”. In this case, however, the verbal greatest club “basely” retrieved. Sure, his opponent is therefore not 10 Years old. But just 20 Years old!

No happy ending? On the contrary. Sure, To catch attention, by posing as someone, the one is not, is questionable. But Aoki has made to think this action very many. And he has asked the right questions. Whether he 10 Is years old and 20 is actually jacket and trousers. Declare in the current situation elections is simply utter nonsense and pure money- and a waste of time. I hope so, in the future much (Good) to hear from Aoki. In this sense,: Hat!


Elections in the Economic Chaos: But what was only!?

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So yesterday the quarterly figures for the third quarter of the year were 2014 posted. And lo and behold – the economy did not grow in the third quarter by approximately 2% as actually predicted, but they shrank to 1,6% compared to last year. Was tun? In April this year, the VAT was of 5 on 8% raised. Below, second quarter of the year broke logically the economy, as customers held back on new purchases. In October of next year, 2015, VAT should be raised again – on 10%. At the same time, the Bank of Japan should fire up the Money Press, to devalue the yen to, so that the country comes out of deflation and Japanese products abroad are competitive again. However, this increases the national debt, and therefore the Mehrwersteuererhöhung. The whole is then called Abenomics, and the experiment has been running for almost 2 Years.

Obviously, the secret recipe does not work so, as it should. This surprised probably Abe, but not most economists. Abe rowed back today so, and postponed the second tax increase 18 Months to April 2017, with the comment, that they will really come but. At the same time he solves with effect from 21. November at the House of Commons and ordered new elections, The only one month later, at the 21. To be held in December. However, this is hardly surprising, there was but for a couple of days quite clear rumors.

A defeat for Abe and his bold economic policy, could be thought. The opposite is unfortunately the case. Abe is the people in his own words the question of confidence, by exclaiming elections. The elections were, however, already been with the media quite aptly 4 Characterized characters: 一 強 多 弱 ikkyo tajaku: “A Strong, many are weak”. In other words: There are currently no real opposition. The advance ruling Democrats have in their crushing defeat in December 2012 still recovering and have not managed, to distinguish themselves even in any manner. All other parties in turn are so small and so different, that they only “also-rans” can claim. That will not change within a month.

One need not be an oracle, to see, Was kommt: The already always very low turnout at 21. December will be even lower than usual. Abe will win the election, and continue to tinker with the crushing clamp to the ailing Japanese economy. The rescue could theoretically come from China, because China brings a lot of money into the country. But China is also the nemesis of the Japanese rights, and Abe is also classified in that spectrum – ergo he prefers to put on with China. It will be interesting, as the whole is going to end. So much is certain, however,: Rare Japan was so cheap for visitors from abroad.


Raid at Kyoto University

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I often had the impression, that the majority of Japanese students is if any interested then only very moderately in politics – to mention political activities throughout. But they are still there – the hoards of political Akitivität. Traditionally, heard the 京大 Kyōdai to – which is short for Kyoto Daigaku (Daigaku = University). The university has over 20,000 Students and is considered the second best university in Japan. Accordingly, sophisticated are the entrance exams. The university is famous for its philosophical faculty, their world-class research facilities (6 Nobel Prize winners come from this University) and for unruly students – for example, 1951 demanded, To view the Tennō just as normal people, whereupon they clashed with the police.

Some of the students here seem the Nuclear send Chūkaku-ha (literally: “Kerngruppe”) to belong to. The actual name of this closely associated with the Communists and some unions grouping is 革命 的 共産主義者 同盟 全国 委員会 National committee of the Revolutionary Communist League) – a Trotskyist-inspired grouping, which was in the last three decades quite inconspicuous, but was in the 1980s, for example, the focus of violent protests against the construction of the airport of Narita. Among other things, the followers attacked at that time to the office of the Liberal Democrats with a built on a truck flamethrower.

Recently, the police arrested three protesters during a demonstration firmly – and found, that two of the 3 Arrested students Kyoto University were. And one does not hesitate for long: Today indented 120 partly martial equipped police officers in a dormitory of the university, and there were fierce protests from students. Some days ago (at the 4. November 2014) the students used even an investigator in civilian clothes laid, who had been smuggled into the dorm. One handed him eventually but intact his colleagues.

These images have become rare in Japan. And I am interesting, how evolved the. Secretly glad the pictures – they are but in contrast to the primary direction, being trimmed to Japan: Right Stramm.

Here are a news clipping about the riots. Require the students – justifiably, but apparently unsuccessful – nache a search warrant.


6. General bloggers (and blog readers)summit

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Bloggergipfel - mit Dank an Thuruk für das Logo!

Bloggergipfel – with thanks to Thuruk for the logo!

As the year draws to a close, the business pack the Christmas decorations out and the shivering trees are warming lights slung. Just in time for the season Japanese cows are again at the end of their tether, and you can only bake with butter substitute. No question: It is again time for a blogger meeting. Number 6 is it this time. So far the call has always addressed to active blogger, but it is also invited each, wants dwells in Tokyo or surrounding area and just know, who is behind all the blogs. Therefore a question in the round: Who can? Wer will?

Last year, the blogger meeting was held on the same day as the Christmas Bazaar in the Cross Church instead of, and the idea was not bad in itself. I am therefore simply times Saturday, the 29. November as a possibility in the room.

If you are interested, Please leave a comment and / or email (contact @ tabibito. de) and everything else we already regulate. Suggestions are also welcome (last year it was bowling), but if possible, the meeting should be near the Yamanote Line.

Of course, each accompanied by its – whether or not handzurrend – bring!


The Woman Whisperer – bald wieder in Tokyo

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You see them occasionally – and unfortunately very often in Japan: Arrogant foreigners, who believe themselves in paradise, since it is, after all too easily, with the foreigners bonus to begin a thing all kinds of women. The king of this species seems to be a certain Julien Blanc, the dress deserves your money with dubious seminars on women. Anywhere in the world. As time appeared not so long ago a video of him on, in which the good Lord declares, how things run in Japan with the women so. The original video is hard to find, and I do not want any more visitors to his channel added control, but a short clip is here on a Japanese channel:

According to Twitter message Julien Blanc to come back in mid-November to Japan. And there are enough people, who would like to prevent the – see for example here. There was and is even against numerous petitions (and for!) Men – who provided, among other things, that venues in Australia he announced and even his visa was canceled. A similar petition is on the way, which should make the Japanese immigration authorities at the man carefully.

Now, neither he nor the visitors of his seminars are really worth a blog entry. If you look at but be “Match” an – called “The Game” – can a just fear and worry are. This is not to Anmachtricks, but sometimes even cruel mind games, partially coupled with violence or the threat of selfsame, to make people complacent. But what really upset me, is the following quote:

… just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.”

All right! If even one believes Japanese, that this is so – or worse – if only one of the visitors of his seminars believes that and therefore makes his way to Japan – then this is definitely worth a comment. Clear, polarized the man. He is not worth it, to be taken seriously. But it is unfortunately people, take it quite seriously. And the women, running him not knowing about the way, are also not to say the least enviable. In this sense,: You’re not welcome.


Done: Japan is world champion whiskey

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Yamazaki Sherry Casket - ein anderer Jahrgang, wohlgemerkt

Yamazaki Sherry Casket – another year, mind you

Ever since the 1920s are scattered breweries in Japan tried on the whiskey distillery – and this should pay off correctly the first time this year: In the latest edition of the Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible but a Japanese whiskey was actually voted as the best whiskey of the year. There is also no small, secret distillery, but a giant among beverage companies: Suntory managed to surprise with his Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013. As far as, so good – but unfortunately were “only” 18,000 Prepared bottles, and are now, at least in Japan, already sold out. Too bad, because with a price of around 17,000 yen is the winner not even that expensive.

Suntory whiskey is yes several assortments ago – best known were there the above 山崎 Yamazaki, 響 Hibiki and 白 州 Hakushū. 響 Hibiki was given initially as the flagship, and if I remember correctly, Hakushu was added later. Yamazaki habe ich, If I remember correctly, only tried it once, and that was long ago. Hakushu has it done to me personally, since the selbige comes with quite a lot of character – some species go in almost direction Laphroaig, only with a little less stick to the head.

Maybe I should then surely something more around the domestic whiskey market. Time it is – my hot lover 18 Year old Glendronach coming to an end and is no longer available in Japan. Dem Triple Cask Balvenie 16 yrs threatened a similar fate. What is missing is someone in Japan, who shares my love for the occasional whiskey – come to think of but a whopping one person only.

More about the main prize of the Yamazaki see, inter alia, Reflector and Time Magazine.


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