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Junge Psychopathen

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Briefe des Kobe-Mörders

Letters of the Kobe killer

It was 1997, and I had just begun to, To learn Japanese. Our teacher put us back then occasional news item, and remained in a constant reminder to me – it was about a murder case in Kobe. The killer took the name 酒鬼 蔷薇 圣 斗 Sakakibara Seito and it had apart especially on children. Three children were seriously injured by the perpetrator in part, two non-surviving. His last victim, a 11-year-old boy, separated the murderer's head off and put it, after he had his eyes removed and mutilated the face, with a claim of responsibility in the mouth in front of the local school. The claim of responsibility, as well as letters to the press were pretty cryptic, well formulated and scary as profoundly evil in content. The Besonderheit an der Tat: The murderer was just 14 Years old (a very detailed description of the incident there here in Japanese and here, although much shorter, in English).

The day before yesterday there was another murder, who let me think immediately back to the article. In Sasebo, bei Nagasaki, murdered a 15-year-old middle school student her classmate and severed the corpse afterwards in her own room the head and the left hand from. As they practice in a relevant forum (the infamous 2-Channel) portrayed and the classmate was missing, led the track the next morning offender. The regretted in a first interview with the police probably nothing, and gave to, 've always wanted to do something. Probably no coincidence at this event, the fact, that prior to in that Sasebo 10 Years, i.e. 2004, a 12-year-old student stabbed a classmate. In being old case was clearly, that the two went to the same class and same passions shared. The mother of the perpetrator died a year ago from cancer, and the father married shortly afterwards another woman.

For these cases, of course you can not draw any major conclusions, but these cases are of course frightening – especially since they were indeed committed by children, which can not be charged with murder. Even the Kobe Killer is rehabilitated at large and allegedly almost completely for years. Since he was a minor at the material time, may not be disclosed his real name. But the fact that people are afraid, he could now live in the immediate vicinity, is understandable: And so, Google, if after the incident above (official designation: “Kōbe series Kindermord-Vorfall”) investigated, immediately as a search term to help “true name” an: You will not find the course, but it is clear that many people are looking for this same information.

Whether a child, that such an act has committed, each one “normal” Man, what might be always the, can be, I do not dare to judge Hindes. As a man, I say yes, as a father of two children probably rather no…


“Spice” or “How quickly reacts the Legislature?”

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Warnung: 'Lass Dich vom Begriff Legal nicht täuschen!'.

Warning: 'Do not be deceived by the term Legal!’. Those:

For several weeks, the Japanese press shoots at a supposedly biological, but studies show that probably more synthetic drug called Spice a. This is in Japan for a couple a few years increasingly popular, but does not mean becoming an increasingly popular, that millions of people on “fly”. Spice is the way this country under the bumpy name 脱法ハーブ dappō haabu known – literally “Law – flee – Herbs”, or. Gras, that the law bypasses. The Spice dealers is the name of course unpleasant – it is preferred the term Legal herbs – gōhō haabu, literally “legal Gras”.

Developments of this kind are interesting to watch, especially in Japan. Finally, make the law and public opinion here already marijuana on a par with heroin, Cocaine and Co. Drugs are drugs in Japan and all of them absolutely refuse as such (enormous amounts of alcohol and nicotine, however, are perfectly fine – of course you have to set priorities and draw clear boundaries). But the Legislature in Japan, to say the least, relatively sluggish, and so it lasts quite a while, to the legislature the voice of the people (better, there Stimme der Presse) follows and is. That was one day already with the magic mushrooms so – already 1993 banned in Germany; but were in Japan, amazingly, to 2002 Völlig legal. In Germany the trade in Spice was 2009 prohibited – in Japan, it will last until the ban probably still a bit. However, should accidents such as the increase in the past week, at which a stationary under Spice motorists on a busy street lost control of his car, killed a passer-by and 6 some seriously injured, must be the policy faster than usual to respond. Until then, various spice vending machine or online retailers such as this here still trying, To cash.

Since Spice but already with the name “De France” – escape the law – a smelling of illegality name got missed, is the drug (or non-drug, just as you would consider) anyway not get far in Japan. Since it remains rather then the alcohol.


Book review: “The long breath” Nina Jäckle

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"Der lange Atem" von Nina Jäckle. ISBN: 9783863510770

“The long breath” Nina Jäckle. ISBN: 9783863510770

Actually, I have resisted me inside, however,, to read this book. A German author deals because from a distance with the only good three years earlier and thus still quite young triple disaster in northeastern Japan. What are you doing? A sequence of conjectures? Fanciful embellished reports of life after the tsunami? Moralinsaure treatises on Fukushima? Wer lebt living in Japan, speaks the language and knows the culture, and also still the disaster areas – before and after the disaster – knows well, likely to feel like.

The book tells about life from the perspective of a phantom image signatory after the disaster, the basis of photos of unidentified, to be or to more accurately, unidentifiable victims reconstructed faces, to the nameless dead return its name. The background is real – today tried the Japanese police, inter alia here, in this way to identify victims. Sure, Sketch artist are some usual, but the sheer amount of victims is likely to have made the most hardened of its kind on a stress test.

But back to the book. Thank God keeps the author in an attempt, to explore Japanese culture and mindset, back. In places special features dive, where you can read, what was researched exactly or the means by which messages at that time resorted the author. But essentially it leaves the nationality and culture outside and describes the all too human: The shock of the sudden Lost. The impotence, affects people, when nothing is in one fell swoop so, as it once was. And that starts in the novel as:

It was the eleventh in March, and the sea exhaled, into the countryside, it breathed out and then it took a deep breath again.

This on the one hand very general;, and yet very expressive language was special for me about this book. At the I-narrative you get used to quickly, and also because, that many sets with “My wife” begin, was – I'm suddenly conservative, when I read this from the pen of a writer – initially irritated me. However, the manner, how to build conflicts in the book, is described very well done and drives to read more.

What interested me before reading most, was the importance, Fukushima should be measured to. We remember: While in Japan almost 20,000 People mainly came by the tsunami killed, echoed only the name Fukushima by the German press, and let everything else almost forgotten. And lo and behold, is equal to twice since the speech of mutant butterflies or phrases such as:

From the words of iodine, Cesium and plutonium, the rhymes will soon be, the children learn quickly.

This sounds very poetic, but that's just everything other than Japanese. Exactly this or something similar will not happen, and the mutant butterflies appeared only once in the news – with plenty of skeptics about. The following sentence with regard to the nuclear part of the disaster could, however, do not write appropriate:

There have not yet been born long all the injured, states.

Ever – while reading I met occasionally to unusual, thought-provoking phrases, I liked in their own way – including, for example, this one:

… and who is behind you, call out the children. It is the sea, do not call the children.

Conclusion: This only 170 Pages long novel from the publisher Klopfer & Meyer is a nachdenlich-provoking and well-researched reading about 11. March 2011 – if you have a lot to do with Japan or not.

More about the author Nina Jäckle one learns here. And the book of course there are the well-stocked bookstores or from Amazon.


Benesseleaks | World Cup | Typhoon “Neoguri”

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Zum Fortlaufen; Datenschutz bei Benesse

For running away; Privacy at Benesse

This week is again a lot going on. Since the data scandal would have been the giants of the training providers – known as Benesse – which was apparently uncovered only by chance. Consequently, the data from at least were 7.6 Million, maximum even up 20.7 Million customers unlawfully to another education provider called Justsystems passed¹. Scandals of this kind are nothing new, but the dimensions are already enormous: Up to 20.7 Million customers. That's one in six Japanese. It is believed, that an insider has the data copied and sold to a data broker. That this has then sold to Just Systems, Just where system insists, to have known nothing of all. But of course! Since you can buy millions of records from known to be a thirst for Japanese, and do not ask, where the data or. – and this is the point, where it is punishable – not asked, whether because the customers had really consented to the transfer of data behind the data. Do we at least not – I know Benesse and their aggressive marketing from my job and would never have entered my data in which, but unfortunately I had told my wife that does not, and so we will probably soon Post by Just get system.

Public Viewing in Roppongi am 5. Juli

Public Viewing in Roppongi am 5. July

Eggs, the World Cup. In the past week, I had struggled through, after a 14-hour meeting- to set and programming marathon in the last train to Roppongi (one stop away from the office), there to attend an event organized by Doitsunet Public Viewing Party. Germany against France. I have no idea, how many people there were, but it was estimated that well over 100 – about half of these compatriots. So many German I had seen for about a year no longer on a pile. The atmosphere was the result corresponding to good, even if the hosts did take advantage of the: Draft beer and bottled beer for 500 Yen (just 4 Euro) war a) only after great hustle and b) only available for a limited time – after that it was only bottled beer for twice the price. But no matter: The mood was good. The next match against Brazil, I then stupidly busy due to a, saves the following day – Finally the game started so only to 4 Uhr morgens in Japan. Well, Tough luck: Had I even set the right priorities…

Those who stay in Tokyo and the finale not want to see alone on Monday morning, which is the public viewing commended in Shibuya – Registration and more information, please see here. Whether I manage well?

Currently in the middle of the rainy season investigated Typhoon No.. 8, Rufname Neoguri, Japan heim, and he takes the same the whole country with – von bis hoch nach Okinawa Hokkaido. 7 He has left dead and numerous depredations in Okinawa and Kyushu. In a few hours he will reach Tokyo – however, already significantly weakened, so that should happen in Kanto except heavy rain early in the morning not too much. And if we are a usual in the last few weeks, it's rain: This year's rainy season makes up to its name in honor. Unfortunately, the rainy season could stop abruptly with the passage of the typhoon, and what follows, is oppressively muggy heat. Well, the same every year.

¹See, among others Japan Times 10. July 2014: Justsystems accused of abusing customer data from Benesse.


So you howling virally

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For several days making a YouTube video in Japan rounds – It shows a 47-year-old members of the Parliament of Hyōgo Prefecture (there is, among other things, the city Kobe) at a press conference. Main theme of the scheduled press conference was the fact, that the deputy Nonomura was suspected, around within a year 3 Millionen Yen (well 20,000 Euro) embezzling. More specifically, it was about dubious expense claims in 195 Make (not bad at 365 Days a year), since it mostly to trips to hot springs etc. went. Ultimately, he was – from me for unknown reasons – acquitted of charges, and so it came to the here now legendary press conference. Who has not seen it – Here an excerpt:

It is quite incoherently, what the good man because zusammenstammelt between Heulkrämpfen: From the problem of an aging population is the speech, of it, that he wanted to make a difference and so on.
Before whining he was asked about the allegations, but his explanations are simply stupid: He would have thought, not have to prove the charges. He thought, it is enough, to take notes of the expenses (and then asked, if he still had the notes, he replied boldly, he had thrown away). He had always gone first class, to immediately jump off the train and get going. Problem in fact: He is a politician Prefecture, but very many of his tours have taken him to other prefectures.

In short, – Here barked a kicked dog, and the good man is not hard to beat in audacity. If this is the new guard politicians of the country, then good night Japan.nonomura


Self-immolation in Shinjuku and a weighty decision

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On this blog, the topic is actually quite a alter Hut, but tomorrow it will seriously: With a crafty trick the pacifist constitution should be annulled tomorrow. Article 9 the Japanese Constitution states,

1) Aspiring sincerely to an international order based on justice and peace, the Japanese people waived for all times of war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of military force as a means of settling international disputes.

2) To achieve the purpose of paragraph 1 be country-, See- not entertain and air forces, as well as other means of war. A warfare law of the State is not recognized.

Will hot, Japan must not wage war. And no army to chat. But the wish to change for a long time conservative circles and of course above all the political rights. Now there has long been great resistance against a constitutional amendment. Morning is to a first, done great step. It is, strictly speaking, to the establishment of the Set Institute claims self-defense (Shūdanteki Jieiken) – Right of collective self-defense. To be concrete: The U.S. is Japan's most important ally. Accesses another power Japan to, is the United States committed, succor. If however a different power of the United States, it is forbidden Japan, to actively help the allies. Passive, For example, with military tanker aircraft, etc., This is, for example, in 2. However, the Iraq war has done.

Prime Minister Abe and his government now want in an extraordinary session of parliament on 1. July, this situation “correct”. However, since a constitutional amendment is quite difficult, engages you in the bag of tricks: Sure, there are articles 9. There are also articles 65 in the Constitution, and stating concisely:

Government is vested in the Cabinet. – The executive power is vested in the Cabinet.

And so one decides tomorrow so with a comfortable majority in parliament, the manner, how the Constitution is interpreted, change: Article 65 stings Article 9 from. It's simple. The fact that only one third of the population is this for good and a half, however, is simply¹, is the ruling Liberal Democrats doing pretty much no matter.

The whole is not without protests vonstatten: Today, thousands demonstrated – exact numbers I have to stay unfortunately guilty – in many places, among other things, the residence of the Prime Minister, against the looming vote. Pity, that the Prime Minister no longer live in the residence for a couple of years, since it is supposed to haunt there. But of course this is just a rumor.

Yesterday, at the 29. June 2014, Moreover, it came to an extraordinary incident at the south exit of the world's busiest train station – Shinjuku. A man positioned himself against there 1 Clock in the afternoon began with a megaphone on a footbridge and, to protest against the decision. This went on for an hour so, and in that time prepared the fire brigade air cushions and similar. Against 2 Clock the man doused himself suddenly with a brown liquid and set himself on fire (who has to look at the absolutely – there are of course everything on YouTube² – Finally Shinjuku is this time of day full of people). The fire department was of course included in seconds, to clear the man. That finally came to the hospital with severe burns, but should be accessible. It is interesting, that the planned sacrifice indeed met with much interest in foreign media, in the Japanese mainstream media, however, was hardly an echo.

Political opinion or no – that Japan's war in our own Constitution is prohibited, has its reasons. In principle, yes of the right to self-defense no objection. But the thought of the following Szenarie makes already anxious: Somehow North Korea manages, to sink an American ship and it explains the U.S. just as the war. Decide Japan's hawks, that the alliance case is created so that, and let that transformed the army self-defense forces landing. And already are Japanese soldiers between China and South Korea. Respectively there, I care where everyone is allowed to be – only no Japanese soldier.

¹ See Nikkei Shimbun vom 29. June 2014
² See for example here


Gas vs. Current

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Homeowners in Japan (but certainly also elsewhere) often come to the pleasure of unexpected visits by field service sales staff, who want a turn on all sorts of things around the house. What is interesting is the energy sector: As would be the Scheme A, to be persuaded by the house owners to, less or to use no gas, but to rely only on electricity (this is then called オール 電化 All Denka – All current). So you throw the boiler out and produces hot water with an inverter and on stock. The advantage: You get such a special electricity tariff, in which you pay less at night than a third of the daily rate for electricity. So, it is producing the daily requirement of hot water at night. If you want to dispense with all gas, then throws even the gas cooker out and buys for an induction cooker. The highest level is finally overheads, purchase of a solar system. The hot water maker, the most popular model is called Cute Eco Cute (a play on words: Kyūtō = boiler and the English “cute” are almost pronounced the same), a long time were even subsidized by the State. Solar systems have also been many years ago as part of the 100’000-Subsidized Roofs Initiative, But gone are the days, and the feed solar energy to the grid today is no longer worth.

But then there are the gas people, not give up easily: Try homeowners a so-called ENE-FARM Ene-Farm for sale. The extracted hydrogen from the town gas and burns these then, womit a) hot water produced and b) alongside current is generated. The course also sounds tempting, even if this system has disadvantages. Without electricity, the Ene-farm does not work.

From these models we can grow, was man will. In severe earthquake, a current solution is certainly practical, because electricity is restored first. And Eco-Cute-systems can serve as an emergency water storage. Since the cost but for all devices are quite high, you have already expect carefully, to find out, if it's worth something. In addition, of course, comes a healthy dislike of TEPCO, the only electricity provider in the Tokyo area and primarily responsible for the Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Chauvinismus not utnah

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That was strong stuff, of the 18. June was offered at the Assembly of Deputies of Tokyo. Those with 35 Years a) amazing young and b) Surprisingly, not male MPs Shiomura appellierte an expedient the Meetings, something to combat the continuing for many years, worrying to do low birth – for example through the promotion of activities for mothers and children as well as aid for couples, which can not readily testify children. In Japan, the – not surprising – a downfield: There were heckling as “You should soon bear children” or “If you do not marry more quickly?”. Laughter followed. The MPs still finished her speech nimble, but you could see your, that the spells they have pretty much taken.

This all may perhaps even go, when the heckler would reveal themselves later, but that is what happened, of course, not. It pinpointed the culprit while in the Group of the ruling Liberal Democrats, but the fraction held tight and even tried yet, to point the blame from himself and to assert, that could have come from a different group.

The pressure was ultimately too big. The scene took place abroad compliance (see for example here), and at soon found themselves on 70’000 People, who demanded, investigate the incident. Today, Suzuki is now joined by the Liberal Democrats before and apologized publicly(keitswirksam) bei Shiomura. The was, justifiably, that the excuse I'm a little late.

Chauvinism in Japan is a, now so, interesting matter. Because: Chauvinist sayings or the Blonde jokes-like Clown to insult women can be heard in Japan hardly. This may be because, that you tell no jokes in Japan. In Japan, the chauvinism, I have certainly often the impression, boshafter, he sits deep, rooted deep in society, has the right of the female half of clear expectations: Learn as much as, good education – to find an attractive spouse, To father children and then on around the house, To look after children and husband. And – I do not write for the first time – the Company has the working environment in Japan formed so, I like to submit due to the many adversities the female sex against quite a few Japanese women this scheme.


But currently surging an interesting discussion in Japan. In the devastating low birth rate and the progressive aging of the population, Japan will it no longer can afford perhaps too long, just so to half their population to abandon the labor market. And that suggests itself more and more: Of course, the following observation is very subjective, but I think so, more and to see more women, who work in appointed, which actually are traditionally male-dominated: On construction sites, als Bus- and taxi drivers, Parcel delivery, Train drivers etc. Needless to note, that women are inferior to men in doing nothing. And cold comfort remains the Japanese women ultimately: At home have clearly they wear the pants.

Anbei noch – actually that was really long time tradition on this blog – the Word of the Day: Wild timesSpice – the interruption or. the heckler.



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Bäckerei Tokutarō

Bäckerei Tokutarō

One could think, it is a new trend – but that is not quite as: Bakeries, many of them downright precious Bakeries, has been around a long time in Japan, for these are also here to appreciate good bread. Or, let's say: Gutes Backwerk. The fact that there are many bakers, not long to say, that there is also good bread. From sandwiches too, of course, because there really is as good as not.

In my previous place of residence there was in a nearby residential area of ​​an older couple, that of pastime ran a bakery. With tiny terrace, fit to a small table and two chairs. The sales room was at most 5 m² gross, and there were shelves on all sides, fit up to three people simultaneously purely. Despite everything, they managed to both, dort ca. 10 Breads and around 20 Produce varieties with biscuit-like things. And who came too late, looked into the void. The bakery was doing really well: Sometimes there was rye bread, and filled with cream cheese and dried tomatoes, always freshly baked breads were also highly recommended.

In my current area as far as I can make out three acceptable baker. One did me with this name already in: “Bakery (sic!) Tokutarō”. Unfortunately, the baked goods could not compete fully with the illustrious name – sure, all war geniessbar, but not necessarily mind-boggling.

It should be mentioned, that most Japanese do not think of bread in Germany, but rather to France, Italy suppose England. And Pastries – apart from the tunnel times – Germany is equal to completely ruled. There are all sorts, depending on the pastry very fine things, but a vile Butter Streusel, Bee sting or pound cake, etc.. One looks in vain. In Germany I was earlier this clear, Why this is so: Most Japanese can not elicit kotatsu with German cakes and pies German so right behind the. Will hot: As a German you can of course quickly mock about, that as a German “Bakery” put up bakery will offer nothing quite Deutsches, unless, it is just before Christmas. But the solution is easy now times. It would not sell.

And so remain things like poppy seed cake, Rhubarb- and gooseberry pie, etc. in the distance (Poppy I've seen here ever, but fresh rhubarb or even gooseberries have never). But as they say: Something is always.


In order to raise a child…

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…it takes a whole village. So anyway, is an African proverb, that now also in Germany is familiar. And I think the saying in the form in order. Sure, it is the responsibility of parents, the child set the moral compass. But children should best grow up in a society, in the society in education plays a role. A positive course. But how do I get on this spiritual outpouring?

On Saturday we did with the kids on the train to a town very close to. The train was relatively full – Seats no longer existed. My youngest, 3 Years and proud 16 kg, So called from my only three times heavier woman, to be taken standing in the train on the arm. He usually asks, I'm going, me. But he was tired, and the permanent rain is probably gone to him already on the mind. Now I'm actually not overly cautious, but I think it is still not a good idea, if my wife has to keep the chunks into a swaying train on the arm. A slightly faster curve, a careless passenger, a short braking – and already flying 16 Kilograms by the train. Not a pretty thought. But as I 5 times more weigh (and have a little more power), I offer him a compromise: Come over here, I carry you. As I said,, normally this is no problem or son of man in the train even preferred, because then he can hold on to the strap itself.

On Saturday, however, it was all a bit different. Wall Mama Es musste. Full necessarily. No Other. And because we only 3 Are years old and have a thick skull, the mine in nothing stands, we raise our beautiful in the whole thing purely. Well. So we have two thick skull in a relatively full train: One wants to, and the other wants to avoid exactly. Otherwise we create yes perhaps even a precedent.

What do Japanese in this case? They yield. Why? Thus the child is silent and does not draw attention to themselves. What makes a stubborn, German father? He tries his son, explain, why the, what he wants to do just, not a good idea. What naturally degenerates when Dick head in Heulkrämpfe (the real tears come naturally when exiting: Comin '! Potato! Potato!? Paaapaaaaa!!!!). In addition to crying son and in a hushed voice in German on the child being certain ligands father so is the Japanese Mama: Piqued light pale around the nose and clearly. “Is it good now! Eggs, I'll carry you!”. Counterproductive. Absolutely counterproductive. I know the solution: I go alone into the next compartment with son. Since he no longer sees mom and can be distracted very quickly and is so quiet.

Too late. A mother with daughter, that is approximately 12 Years old and has Down syndrome, provides mother and son screeching their seat on and can not even convince, that it was not necessary. Man beachte: Mother with a child with Down syndrome.

And the moral of the story: The “Non-Attracting attention” and “Load-drop for non-” carries over in Japan on parenting. But I know my son: He will know to exploit the… Whether I him therefore, when he again makes a big fuss somewhere, let everything go through, because other people might possibly be piqued? Probably not. And I should note, that he, so we are just traveling as a couple, he is the funniest and artigste child of the world. But that should be the same everywhere on the planet.


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