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And gone was the Grabber

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As I drove to work this morning, the web as always was full of crushed. One can upset about it every day, It can also as Practice Shūgyō view – as ascetic exercise. Who knows, if you can survive that without a murmur, you will perhaps eventually a better person. Or you can run amok at some point. I do not know. However, there are contemporaries, which prepares driving in a crowded train in a certain way pleasure. This refers to the People gropus – the congregation Grapscher. As far as I know, This is a more or less Japanese phenomenon, because one finds so frequently only the ideal habitat: Overcrowded trains, where you do not remember the very next train station, which arm and leg which is actually their own, and young girls in school uniforms.

My asceticism training it takes about 20 Minutes. On the second railway station, same story happened as always: The door opens, and people spilling out from the steaming Zuginneren on the platform. Including a high school student in school uniform green. The attached itself immediately to a young man and began, persuade him tearfully: “Stay where you are! What should be the! Do you want to now about to run away?” She did not speak loudly, but it was still on. An elderly man next to it then grabbed the man's arm. And waved an employee. The immediately called his colleagues. And already a grape had formed around the man. Sieh an, a Grapscher! He did not protest to be great but somehow seemed dazed. And even though I normally would not say such a thing: Had it 99 randomly selected men set up next to him and asked me, whom I would trust most likely, I would have, and I'm pretty sure, shown the finger at him. He looked exactly, as one would imagine a Grapscher.

The iron horse let himself not stop by: The door closed, and further it went – scheduled routes. The Grapscher will be busy for a while. And the schoolgirl will not have much of the day.

Now one hears a lot about the Grapscherproblem: So it should sometimes give crooks couple, where a woman in the train suddenly screams bloody murder and indiscriminately accused of a passenger Grapscherei. The male part has then subsequently entirely altruistic to, that you can save on payment of a certain sum of further trouble. It should also be the case, that groups of schoolgirls make a joke of it and move someone intentionally to my body (especially well-liked traveling alone foreigners), to bring the unsuspecting victims into trouble. Whether there is there any truth? The latter I know second hand, but that will probably rarely occur. But in the manner, as the Japanese judiciary works (almost every, is brought to justice, is convicted), I know only one: Because Grapscherei I want to be sure not be prosecuted in this country. Especially not, if you have not done anything. There are way even a relatively demanding Japanese film: I Just Did not Do It – “I was there but not really”, in which a man is wrongly prosecuted as Grapscher.

One or the other may perhaps seem excessive, but out of pure precaution I fit in crowded trains good care of it, that both hands are above. Better safe than sorry.


When the cherry blossom. No, not the trees.

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rakutenStarting tomorrow, it will therefore start with the cherry blossom in Tokyo, and I can only confirm – in the corner Ebisu / Hiroo it's really been going on. Pity, that there is a lot colder at the same time.

But it is not about the cherry blossoms well-known, but a different kind of Sakura Sakura – this term refers namely also fake product reviews (the cherry blossom only serves ornamental, and so it is just even with the supposedly authentic user reviews). Today came to light, that over 100 Companies, which in their products Rakuten sell, a dubious services in Osaka served: Those maintains Studies have shown that about 6’000 User accounts with Rakuten, over which they can then write favorable reviews for the buyer paying customers.

Surprised us? Of course not. Is this a Japanese phenomenon? Absolutely not. Just think of the practice common in Germany, Facebook Likes and the like available for purchase. This practice is, just like the “sakura” just as reprehensible as course. Of course, positive reviews are the best advertisement, and the competition is fierce, so that you have a very difficult start even with a good product.

However, the hypocritical indignation seemed by Rakuten: You will penalize companies, and it is assumed, that it is about a damage in the millions. Really? Ultimately benefited but also from the Rakuten oh-so-authentic positive review, or?

Oh, Rakuten, Of “Convenient sky” (which is the literal translation; actually does the word “Optimism”), Commander of the New Economy in Japan with an annual turnover of over 4 Billion €: Thanks to companies like IT is out in Japan on the level, it is flat on the: A damn low. The system is hopelessly cumbersome and outdated, the layout of a nightmare and the way, how it all works (or may not) just awkward. Also we have a time operated in a company Rakuten shop, but thank God we have finished the chapter: Sure, you can make a profit. One can then also immediately invest in the soaring administrative expenses. In this sense, a true Rakuten job machine in Japan – and it seems, to a certain extent thanks to the many cherries…


Half Japanese in the Süddeutsche

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Miss Universe Japan

Miss Universe Japan on Twitter

A friend pointed me to a published today in the Süddeutsche Zeitung article entitled “Miss Japan” is not Japanese enough down, didnt I start like. It's about the new Miss Japan – however, no “all” Japanese woman, but “only” a “half” (called Half Half). The 20-year-old Ariana Miyamoto, naturally beautiful wife has a Japanese mother and an African American father.

As described in the article, sparked a choice – as they say so beautiful on neudeutsch – shit storm from: Especially on Twitter and in the infamous 2-channel forum there was a lot of negative reading for election. Basic Tenor: How can a just half coming from Japan Women Japan at the Miss Universe representative election? And, as only? Ariana is born in Japan and raised here. Probably she is Japanese than many of her classmates. And yet it is different. And probably know something more about other cultures. And it happens to be pretty damn, so why should not they take?

The reaction was to be expected. Even at the brutal murder of a middle school student a few weeks ago was brutally harped on the Internet on the fact, that the alleged main perpetrators “Half” Japanese is. It is more than obvious, that is quite homogeneous in Japan still has his love problems with the “other”. The ratio is actually split: Most Japanese cherish the prejudice, that half Japanese (at least if a parent does not come from Asia) just sort of look totally sweet or pretty. But at the same time there are quite a lot of, the evening then sat down in front of their PC and spit venom.

The Causa Ariana However, you can also see a positive side: She has managed to, prevail. She got, at least apparently by the jury, considered worthy representative of Japan. And she pushes further debate going on – which, however, unfortunately lack the necessary seriousness, because it is not a constructive debate, but either adulation or senseless bashing.

Racism is widely used in Japan and deeply anchored in society. That will not soon change. On the other hand, it is the same as with other issues also: The Extreme find above average hearing in the media. This does not mean, that all Japanese are so, think or act.

Here is a related article on the topic on this blog: Racist Children's Literature and another article worth reading here: Japan’s blackface problem: the country’s bizarre, troubled relationship with race.


Can make history: Japan makes 15 Million USD easy for US Universities

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To the only true history in terms of Japan's role in World War II, there is now already since the day, where the war ended, Dispute between the States concerned. This is nothing new and still a recurring theme, Also on this blog. The dispute over the sovereignty of interpretation is here obviously played more and more outside the former war zone in recent times. One example is the erection of memorials to the so-called “Comfort Women” in Glendale, California and New Jersey Korean initiators. Japan had unsuccessfully sued friendly groups in the past year, however, before US courts¹.

Especially the “Comfort women issue” runs like a thread through Japan's foreign policy and conception of history. While insisted especially in Korea and China, that there was organized slavery and forced prostitution of women in the Japanese-occupied areas systematically and state level – and Japan apologizes for not adequately, Not to mention all of reparations, has, we debated in Japan still, that all a huge lie and have up to its hype was. Finally was war, and something comes just before the war – not only in Japan. And “systematic” and “Enslavement” respectively “Forced prostitution” can be no question anyway be. The debate has now been fired even by an incident last year: It probably turned out, that one of the left-liberal Asahi-Shimbun published articles the journalist Takashi Uemura, came to the conclusion, that Japan is quite in debt, partially fake data contained. No, we are not talking about an article, which appeared in last week, but believe it or not 23 Years. It started a very ugly witch hunt against Asahi Shimbun and the journalists, working at a university lecturer.

South Korea, but also allow China for many years no stone unturned, to put the issue into the public eye, and as you can see in the above example,, through some pretty imaginative methods (we may rightly ask, what has actually looking for a reminiscent of the comfort women in East Asia memorial in the USA). In Japan, we interpret these actions understandably as character assassination – and if people want to. Also, by all means. So amazed the staff of the major US educational publisher McGraw-Hill Education not bad, than last year suddenly representative of the Japanese Embassy in the newsroom were and demanded, but that the publisher please his description of the role of Japan in 2. World war should rewrite². McGraw-Hill Education certainly did not think.

Well today was so well known, that the Japanese government in the current year 9 Universities in the USA 15 Want to provide millions of dollars of research money³. Nothing like this has been 40 Years, not more. And no, here is not about the exploration of individual learning, but to “correct” historical research. In principle, one can be objected nothing, although I thought, the government of a state universities of another country blessed with money, so that the story in the right (and, rights!) Back light, not very pleases. The beneficiaries also include the world-famous MIT. But what will make Japan's rights also? China and Korea are in no case relent in their efforts, To spread Japan's history in their favor. However, when I think about it, that I pay for something like this tax, is to me quite queasy.

¹ See here: LA Times: Federal judge upholds ‘comfort women’ statue in Glendale park
² See for example NY Times: U.S. Textbook Skews History, Prime Minister of Japan Says
³ Japan Times: To counter China and South Korea, government to fund Japan studies at U.S. colleges


The East gets to the east wide

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If you live in Japan long enough – and a “Friend full fleshpots” is, at times Bertold Brecht Life of Galileo quote – you know after not too long ago his sources of material of any kind. Where to get what cheese, for example,. Or decent beer. Or poppy. Whole nutmegs. Wacholderbeeren. Rhubarb. The list would be long. I probably could thus establish a fee-based information service.

Nevertheless, there are sometimes surprises. Radeberger for example, I noticed last year for the first time, and it is even, comparatively, with approximately 2 Euro per small box pretty affordable. Köstritzer beer was way long before in Japan, but I did not do it with the black beer so. However, I was surprised a few days ago, what was staring at me from the shelf of a specialty of-all-world store:


Look at that – Spreewaldhof! For the home! Although costs three times as much as in Germany, but it can now be times do not change. Whether I bought it? Ultimately, not, I'm not a big fan of canned food. After all, East Germany is now in Japan already two kinds of beer, Represented Spreewaldhof and Ampelmännchen. Next, I then ask for Bautz'ner mustard and Nudossi.

And yet there are still things, I also 10 Years have not yet found. Smoked bacon, for example,. No, no pancetta or Lard, but simple smoked bacon. I've talked times with a butcher in Japan about, and he said, that the pigs in Japan have not so thick rind. Oh, and while we're at Preserves: Decent frozen pizza I miss, that formerly belonged just to my diet and had to be deleted without replacement. But this is probably ultimately better that way.

Who has to do with German food in Japan – Seijo Ishii away from, National known und Meidi? Then let me know!


Sovereign in Japan: Merkel hands out. The Silver Spoon.

March 10th, 2015 | Tagged | 7 Comments | 1318 reads

Angela Merkel is currently on a flying visit to Japan – a very short visit with two days, in which they did not enjoy the weather with security. But why it was not determined here.

The choice of the stations of her journey can be described as successful – just as the attention, you gave her visit. Immherhin you received them with full military honors (inside the building, mind you – see Weather) and arranged talks with Abe and even the Tennō. Therefore succeeded, because Merkel at a symposium of the more left-liberal oriented Asahi Shinbun (shinbun = Newspaper) occurred, where they could be available to participants to answer questions on various topics. This has more impact than short, the protocol circumcised press conferences.

Several themes emerged at the Symposium on Language – among other things, the attitude towards Russia, the phasing out of nuclear energy, but also the painful reappraisal of the history of Japan. As usual, Merkel came not rumbling on, but rather with thoughtful words. No, they criticized Japan for not stubborn attitude towards the East Asian neighbors. Instead, she explained, such as Germany's history after the Second World War aufarbeitete: Sentences like “Reconciliation would only be possible, when countries presented their past” or “There was a great willingness in Germany, to call a spade a spade” fell. Sure – about it, whether this willingness was really anywhere so great – one can argue well, but you can not deny, that a certain willingness to work up, some “big gestures” German statesmen (and women, of course) as well as, this is also important, the willingness of neighbors, to reconcile, have contributed to, that Germany really has very good relations with its neighbors.

In Japan, one of which is still light years away, and the whole can be gradually considered as a chicken-and-egg problem: Who is to blame – Japan, that there are still doubts loudly his own fault? Or, Korea and China, which also conciliatory gestures, it even now quite well already existed, not much seem to mean? No, it's Japan, that's for sure. But in a few decades, no one will be safe, who actually when what is said and done.

As already mentioned, it was also about the phasing out of nuclear energy. Here: Manner in advice, so that one might almost think, Merkel was lured by the Greens. Very entertaining is because as the thread to visit, especially about Fokushima (sic), to read in The World – see here. Since there is no salvation hair is left in Merkel's appearance in Japan, but the majority of the comments has an extremely high level Troll, why reading more in the section “Entertainment” is.

However, shockingly, I must say, that appealed to me the appearance and large. The Japanese media have their comments has had positive responses and reports. The – albeit very quietly – Criticism was correct in tone. A mere bashing Japan has never brought anything, and even if their comments are certainly not change so quickly in Japan, so they should still encourage a few people to, read and think, such as Germany, for example, has operated his Vergangenheitsbewältigung. No, not exemplary, but it is still much better than Japan. Most government would no open hearing on this topic, refer to Japan, But Germany is on this point as worth listening to. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Abe and his staff is illustrious consultants(Erinn), of which even recently proposed a, that it would be great, introduce apartheid in Japan, However beratungsresistent, and so except expenses will end well but have been not much.


For the records: How to order a credit card in Germany from abroad

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The process was so bumpy, I have decided, To leave a little guide for expatriates German. This could sometimes even the beginning of a loose series are.

But first the background: Although I live abroad, I still have a bank account in Germany. I just need time, because it is practically. Life used to be no problem: I had a Maestro card, and could be – long, at least – withdraw money in Japan and elsewhere. Unlike Japan, but have German bank cards stupidly limited validity (why should!?). And so I sent the Targobank, Successor to Citibank, with a new card: Without Maestro, but with V-Pay. And this is useful only in Europe. Transfers to Japan also did not work (Although Targobank says, it works – but it just did not work) – and even if they would work, it would in any transfer miserably long control calls from the Japanese bank result. Paypal would theoretically: You have a Paypal account in Germany, connects it to his bank account in Germany, and then a Paypal account in Japan (or elsewhere), where you could also connect it to his account. So you can be virtually self transfer money. However: PayPal does 3,4% Dues, and in Japan then you have still the problem, that the bank like before execution of the transfer of Paypal and a real interrogation starts.

The Targobank would at least have agreements with Citibank in other countries. So you could take off even with the V-Pay Card at Citibank in Japan money. This went on until the end of 2014 well – because after that Citibank was swallowed by the SMBC and the agreement was invalid. Say, the bank card is now unusable in Japan.

I stumbled upon the credit card LBB. Should probably all very easy going – and behold, the application is done online in a few minutes. At the end came but then – that was foreseeable – the stumbling block: If you want to open an account, you must appear in person at the counter – may use or Postident. And so it is with credit cards: They are supplied with Postident, it can therefore only take the card in reception, who ordered it. Powers not help – you have to be in Germany.

Just over a year I searched around, how to deal with the. In the legal sense, understood. Three banks I have asked in Germany, and surprisingly, the answer was always the same: You have to show, that one is, who we are, and this can be done as follows:

1) You can confirm the very existence of the message
2) You can confirm the very existence of a local bank
3) You can find a notary, the care of this

My further research revealed, that 1) not (more!?) is possible. When searching by 2) I harvested frown at banks in Japan, including the fact internationally oriented Citibank: Something you've never heard of, and that makes it not easy. This too is not entirely unexpected: Why a Japanese bank should do that too? And what to serve for a form for? Is such a form, it simply does not.

So stay 3). I am supposed to prove, I exist – and where I live. According to information from the banks in Germany goes to a certified translation of your passport. That's what I thought but also risky, because we know that is not included in the passport address.

My credit card was meanwhile sent back to the bank, and the bank asked me via email, to call. And I was quite perplexed, as a) answered the LBB emails quickly, and b) immediately went always someone on the phone. I was admittedly impressed. I would have a few months, to acknowledge my existence, were assured me.

So I searched on DINj a notary in Japan. So I found Karl Zucchi, a living in Gunma publicly appointed and sworn translator. With him, I came into the business quickly. So I sent a scan of the Japanese counterparts of identity cards to him, clarified a few details via email and got a few days later by mail a certified translation sent. For German in Japan, I can his service in any case highly recommend (no, I get no money for advertising).

The certified copy I sent along with accompanying letter then to the bank, with the request, either to send the card to Japan, or if it would not do, to my parents in Germany. Without Postident. And lo and behold: A week later the card arrived safely. With a sticker, I call to confirm receipt. That's what I did – via Skype – and again: The phone rang twice, and … a real man! … answered the phone. The confirmation took a little longer, since I do “a special case” was, but in the end everything was fine.

One year Search, much head shaking and countless misinformation later I so hold a German credit card in hand. With which I can withdraw money from my German bank account in Japan. Or is likely to. I will probably only use very rarely, but now I know at least, I could, if I wanted to – before the whole would simply not have been possible.

I hope, this information will save anyone one year Search!


Schülermord in Kawasaki / The great social divide

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Anteil der Hochschulabsolventen im Raum Tokyo: Rot: Sehr hoch, dunkelblau: Sehr niedrig. Quelle:

Proportion of graduates in the Tokyo area: Red: Very high, dark blue: Very Low. Those:

At the 20. February 2015 made strollers in the east of the city of Kawasaki a grisly discovery: In the tall grass hides the body of a brutally murdered with a carpet knife boy was. Soon the boy's identity was found: It was a 13-year-old students of the first class a mid-level school in Kawasaki. Came as a perpetrator – also quite fast – the members of a youth gang suspected. Overall, it is probably around 4 Act offenders, all between 13 and 18 Years old. The real name can not appear in the news due to the protection of minors, but they are circulating for days on Twitter: One of the perpetrators is probably half-Japanese / Half-Americans and another one living in Japan Koreans.

How did it come to this? The victim was on the Oki Islands born in Tottori Prefecture and went there the first years of school, until he moved with his parents to Kawasaki. Oki Islands? This is roughly, as if someone from a tiny village near the Polish border in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is. The boy was probably very popular and had also found in Kawasaki fast connection. Until he of acquaintance with a group of well-known in the area Adverse furyō (literally: “not good”) – Student, which, In a negative sense, release from the regulated social life – made. Everything went well at first well, until the group incite him to shoplifting and he did not want to participate. Since then, he was probably violence again and again exposed and returned among others with blue eye and other injuries at home. As specified he wanted to leave the group, but left the group probably not, and the violence escalated.

A few days before the murder he let a friend about “Line” (Japanese “WhatsApp”-Variant) know, that he feared, to be murdered by the group. The class teacher allegedly tried several times, to address the mother to the boy, which never succeeded. Say, it is a murder with announcement, have failed splendidly in the home and school. It is also easy incomprehensible, that all four suspects, although obviously known by name, since're on the run and have not yet found.

Are the “furyō” really so dangerous? Japan's actually known for its safety – or? Now, with the security that is such a thing. There are also – or especially – in the metropolitan areas of very strong social gradient. Coincidentally, I've made a little bike ride through Kawasaki just two weeks ago. By me in the west of the city, it is up to the Bay of Tokyo good 30 Kilometer, and the cityscape is changing considerably: While the West is relatively quiet – and very wealthy – is, sees it, the further you go to the East – from getting worse. Sure, Kawasaki Station with all the office buildings and shopping centers located in the east of the city, but you need not far to remove them, to see, that the social situation is something precarious. There are the “Substandard”-Train (in Japan we measure the standard of education in schools with Deviation value Hensachi – “Standard deviation”), and where the share of the population with a university degree is much lower than for example in the east of the city.

About the social gradient in Japan surprisingly little is known abroad, but does not mean, that it is not pronounced. And the above incident shows, that is not to be trifled with FURYO. That an individual, even at a young age, murdered a man, is tragic and occurs everywhere. That a group of young people with impunity as one of their own, is difficult to understand. Hopefully, the case has consequences.


The best haiku laugh 2015

February 24th, 2015 | 1 Comment | 1454 reads

It's that time again – the 100 best Senryus are available at this year's サラリーマン 川柳 コンクール sarariman-Senryu Competition, discharged from the Daiichi Seimei Hoken (“First life insurance”). The competition is now in its 28. Time instead. The ten best haiku will be announced in late May, and to 20. March everyone the opportunity, here from 100 Senryūs best to nominate their personal favorites.

The nice thing about the Senryūs (Fun Haiku) is, that they are a reflection of the time and play in old verse, what people think nowadays so. Modern and humor, packed in 5-7-5 Syllables. Unfortunately, I can not judge, if that is really funny for Japanese-illiterates, But in Japanese, the Senryu always amusing. These are all of Senryu sarariman-sarariman – originally: Sales people in the field, Today in general for Suits below management level – written – So for men. This year, not incidentally, are surprisingly Specter watch Yōkai-Watch (all the rage among Japanese children, in German: “The ghost-clock”) and Frozen Ana to Yuki no joō (“The Ice Queen – Completely unabashed” – who actually came up with this stupid German title!?) is in great demand. No wonder: Especially if you have kids could these two things last year barely escape.

So here are some of my favorites:

On the anniversary "Kyouhanan'nohi?" And "burning garbage !!"
On the wedding day: “What day is today?” “The Day, out to determine the combustible waste!”

Come want home within the right of self-defense of
I really want to have – the Right to self-defense – in house!

Yes effect than wife of voice AED
The voice of my wife – has more effect – as a defibrillator!

Slap After doing wall Don wife
Let don tries with my wife – I caught a slap a

Oh retirement age now wife my boss
Oh dear – from the pension – now my wife is my boss!

Capacity of that boss memory floppy
That supervisor – his memory as comprehensive – such as a floppy disk

Whether the wife of whether ... monster ... to watch
Is my wife? Or a ghost? I watch *

*Does the above words “Yoka” (Ghost) and “Watch”

Febreze me sleeping terrible wife
Cruel wife… While I Sleep, sprayed it on me Fabreeze

To become cold look wife singing Ana snow
If my wife sings the song of the ice queen shiver me

Oleoresin and Areare increase aging
Hours-hours” and “Are-are” to take – with age *

*are are – if a the name of a person or thing is not incident, sagt man “Are” (since the!)

The latter has me particularly excited… very nice!

Older articles on the senryu on this blog: The best senryu 2013, 2009 and 2007.


4 x 6 = 24? Forget it!

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Mathelehrbuch der 2. Klasse

Math textbook 2. Class

The other day daughter, second grade elementary school, slightly kinked home. Actually, they may well Math, but this time there was no 100 Points, but only 85. This is not so tragic, Finally, it could be approximately 85 Be points less, but the problem was because, daughter that the reason for the deduction of points not understood.

“A bouquet includes 6 Flowers. There are four bouquets. How many flowers there are a total of?”

In response daughter wrote so “4 x 6 = 24″. And that is what is wrong. Just like the following task:

“There are 9 Benches. View on a bench 7 People Place. How many people can sit in total?”

9 x 7 = 63? Not at all.

Math was once really my forte. Or rather, I had no major problems with it. At the beginning, of course, but I can not remember, and therefore it does not have much to say, if completely unknown to me appears the reason for the deduction of points. Oh, and, the reasoning is as follows:

For multiplication to write out the number of a unit, and then how many times the whole. The truth is so:

6 (a flower times 6) x 4 = 24 Flowers

(7 People x 1 Seat) x 9 Benches = 63

In Japanese, the rule looks like this:

"The number of one minute" × "several minutes"

Say: Number of subunits * How many units.

Look at! The result may not be correct – importance is attached to the order! Flight times researched something, and behold: There is even a really long entry at Wikipedia for Issue the order for multiplication. And there really amazing to read: Das MEXT (Ministry of Education) recommends, for example,, the above, “correct” Order to teach. Ultimately, however, leaves the MEXT schools (or. Teachers) the decision, OB “wrong” Order is to be regarded as a point deduction or not. Leave? So there you go to school X in Japan, where he met the basics and that 7 times 9 = 63 is – then you will be transferred to another school, where it undergoes, that 7 times 9 is not the same as 9 times 7?

The Wikipedia entry is also experiences, that is well informed in the reverse order in the USA – “Violations” are not punished.

Why now in Japan so much emphasis on it, this “Rule” (their sense, I really do not fully opens) enforce, is unknown to me. Since then I am probably too very results-oriented. Sure, Help rules – if they help. But in this case seems to be the rule to do only one: To confuse children more. In Japanese Internet very many parents seem – cope – to get excited about. The tenor – and this is true not only in mathematics textbooks – is: “Why must children, Write exactly as nonsensical content in textbooks, order not to lose points?”. Good question. But the quality of Japanese school textbooks can be broadly anyway to be desired. Since no free-thinking people are made, but yes-men.

Interestingly, it should be noted, that the whole math textbook 2. Class is not a word of this rule. That will probably only mentioned in accompanying materials. And either the teacher, the rule does not explain well, or my daughter was busy with something else. Chances 49:51. Or 51:49?


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